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What is our purpose?

The Oscoda Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau is a non-profit corporation established under Michigan Public Act 59 dedicated to identifying and attracting tourists to the Greenbush-Oscoda-AuSable area through direct marketing efforts and to advocate pro-tourism legislation at the regional, state, and federal level.


OACVB Board of Directors

Tim Kellstrom – Chair – SunnyBunns Marine & Watercraft Rental

Tom Wdowik – Vice Chair – Sandcastle Beach Resort

Belle Flora – Treasure – Huron Tent & Event

Lain MacKenzie – Secretary – Anchorage Retreat Center & To the Moon & Back

Al Heminger – Huron House B&B

Teresa Edelman – Mai-Tiki Resort

Melissa Loehnis – Dual Sales Manager, Amerilodge Group

Erin Kellstrom – Administrative Assistant


Contact Us

Oscoda Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Address: PO Box 572, Oscoda, Michigan 48750

Phone: 989.739.0900


Hours: 9am – 5pm M-F

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Convention and Tourism Marketing Act (P.A. 59)?

In 1984, Public Act 59, the Community Convention and Tourism Marketing Act was established in the State of Michigan to assess motels and resorts to promote tourism.  This law requires membership by all ten (10) or more transient rental unit facilities in the Greenbush-Oscoda-AuSable area.  Additionally, properties with 4-9 units, providing transient lodging may voluntarily join the OACVB.

What is an assessment?

Under the provisions of P.A. 59, all active members are responsible for the collection of an assessment on all taxable transient lodging transactions (sometimes referred to as a “Pillow Tax”), which is reported and submitted monthly along with State Use Tax returns.  P.A. 59 allows active members to add this assessment, payable by their transient guests, in much the same way that sales tax is added to the purchase price of goods sold.

An Assessment Form is provided by the OACVB for the purpose of reporting the collected assessment each month, which is submitted with the collected assessment directly to the accounting firm of Stephenson, Gracik, & Co. in East Tawas. This form is linked below.

Who collects the assessment?

PA-59 requires membership by all lodging facilities with ten (10) or more transient rental units in the Greenbush-Oscoda-AuSable area.  Additionally, properties with 4-9 units, providing transient lodging may voluntarily join the OACVB.

How is the assessment used?

The OACVB is governed by a local, elected Board of Directors.  The board is responsible for establishing a budget, developing and approving a marketing plan, and implementing marketing activities. This structure allows the assessment collected by the active members of the OACVB to be managed by local people to benefit tourism in our region directly.

The OACVB marketing plan outlines the goals and initiatives of the marketing strategy used to promote the Greenbush-Oscoda-AuSable area.  Each year the Board of Directors reviews the marketing plan to ensure that the initiatives are relevant to current market conditions.

How does my business benefit from the work of the OACVB?

The assessment collected by the OACVB allows active lodging partners to benefit from an integrated marketing program that, in most cases, exceeds the typical advertising budget of a local business entity.  The collected assessment creates the ability for the OACVB to tell a regional story to travelers regarding the 4-season travel experience of our region using a professionally designed, multi-media approach to attract new visitors, encourage longer stays, and inspire return visits.

Current Strategic Marketing Goals include:

  • Highlight 4 Seasons Regional Assets to Attract Year-Round Travelers
  • Leverage Technology to Improve Quality of Outreach
  • Financial Sustainability to Create Greater Marketing Impact
  • Local Collaborations to Strengthen Local Tourism Economy

Further details regarding the initiatives planned to achieve the above goals can be found in the OACVB Marketing Plan.

How can I make the most of my partnership with the OACVB?

Beyond the collection and submission of the lodging assessment, active lodging partners can further benefit from their partnership with the OACVB by:

  • Aligning your marketing initiatives with those planned by the OACVB to prevent overlap of efforts and to maximize the return on any marketing dollars you spend.
  • Offer a special promotion to travelers that can be promoted on the OACVB website and social media platforms.
  • Keep your website current with information about your facilities, photos, and if possible, online direct booking option.
  • You now have a page on the OACVB website. You are able to provide more information to be included on this page. You should also link your website to the OACVB website to give your travelers a greater understanding of the great things to see and do in our area.
  • Share the OACVB social posts on your social media pages to inspire your followers to plan their next visit to your property.
  • Getting involved with the work of the Board of Directors by attending a meeting or volunteering for a board position.
  • Reaching out to other active lodging partners to share ideas and give/receive support.
  • Attending the annual OACVB annual meeting to stay abreast of the marketing efforts and happenings in the region.


Reach Out

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The OACVB provides membership to the MRLA for all assessing members. Learn more about the benefits of membership by clicking the link on this page.