March brings with it the beginning of spring, with longer days, milder weather, birds singing, and the first peek of budding trees and flowers. Does this give you a touch of cabin fever, are ready to get back outdoors? Great! We have the perfect solution for fresh air and springtime adventure awaiting your arrival in Oscoda.

Fisherman casting on a river

Fishing the AuSable

The AuSable River is one of the most serene and scenic waterways in our state. This “Blue Ribbon Trout Stream” provides numerous species of trout along 94 miles of flowing river stretching from Grayling to Lake Huron. In Oscoda, you will find Foote Dam to Lake Huron, the “Big Water”, to be a prime site for spring angling. Although you will find the AuSable to be a great destination for steelhead fishing during the majority of the year, spring is peak time with the biggest run of fish from March through May.

Considered a paradise for trout fishing, the AuSable fishery provides both wild and stocked trout, salmon, and steelhead. With the spring season comes the hatching of a plethora of aquatic insects to attract the fish. You will find the Whirlpool Angler Access to be a great access point offering paved parking, and accessible fishing ramp, and a boardwalk to the river. Although services are not maintained all year, the parking is not gated in the off-season allowing access for spring fishing.


The state requires a valid fishing license. You can purchase a Michigan state fishing license and learn about the most current regulations through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

People hiking on trail

Spring Trail Trek

Maybe fishing isn’t your thing, but serene and scenic river views are just what you are looking for….head to the Highbanks River Trail. This 7-mile trail follows the AuSable River along bluffs perched high above the water for spectacular views in every season of the year. Early spring, before the trees are in full bloom, you will find this trail provides unobstructed dramatic views of the river bend. The trail can be accessed at numerous spots, one of the most popular being the Visitor’s Center at Lumberman’s Monument.

ORVs on a trail

ORV Trail Exploration

Trails, yes…hiking, no? Looking for a trail system for some springtime motorized trail riding? We have that too! Oscoda is the gateway to an expansive network of northern Michigan ATV trails. Home to plenty of access points, you will find Oscoda to be the perfect home base of your motorized trail excursion. In early spring, snowmobiles are being winterized and the ATV users take over the trails. The trails of the Huron National Forest provide the perfect setting for an exhilarating trail ride and tends to be less congested than some of the more centralized trail systems in the state.

Check out our trail maps and start planning your trip today!

Mio Area Trail Map

Oscoda Area Trail Map

Trail Permits & Vehicle Requirements

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources website provides all of the information you will need about trail use regulations and permitting your vehicle for off-road use.

Anchorage Cottages

Pick Your Spot

Although peak season is still a little bit of a wait, Anchorage Retreat Center, The Lake Huron Resort, Oscoda Lakeside Hotel, and Huron House Bed & Breakfast are all open year round and provide a comfortable place to rest for after a great day experiencing spring in Oscoda.

So, no matter what sort of spring outdoor activities you enjoy, Oscoda welcomes you to come and explore the great outdoors as the splendor of spring comes into bloom!